ColosseoEAS is devoted to providing sports fans the best game show experience possible. We start with custom designed LED screens that display score, statistics, rosters, HD instant replay action, amazing OSD graphics as well as video advertisements. Additionally we supply interactive IPTVs, mobile applications and even a solution that provides data to wearable devices. Colosseo-provided fan interactivity simply can’t be compared to any other stadium solution.
For stadium owners, ColosseoEAS has a number of tools to help game-presentation operators reduce their stress and smooth out their in-game programming. The Colosseo Single Media Platform console controls all video feeds, sends information to the scoreboard and integrates seamlessly with our Show Manager and Sports-Timing system and instant replay.
For fan security, ColosseoEAS offers advanced biometric turnstiles with integrated blacklists – databases of unwanted people – to make sure that undesirable fans and unwanted visitors are barred entry to the arena.
Colosseo products and equipment enable stadia owners to put on an excellent show for every single event with the highest-level game presentation ensuring fans enjoy an amazing game experience along with unparalleled stadium security.