Security & Comfort

We use technology to create an intelligent and interactive sportenvironment. This to improve, support and secure the total performance and experience landscape.

Ticket Sales and POS

  • Support for various ticket media (paper, card & mobile)
  • Visual map of free seats and arena sectors
  • Easy to use for quick and effective sales

Turnstyle Management

  • Advanced live status and management system
  • Realtime statistics
  • Biometry or voice recognition integration

Security and Monitoring System

  • Monitoring all arena‚Äôs and arena premises
  • Camera and sensor technology
  • Advanced integration to support intruder identification

Biometry & Face Recognition

  • Advanced biometrical solution for access control system
  • Advanced voice recognition solution for access control
  • Support for identification and comparison
  • Fast and user-friendly solution

Membership, VIP & VVIP cards

  • RFID, NFC technology – membership, VIP & VVIP cards
  • Cashless payments
  • Loyalty and discount card